19 Dec 2016
Who are we

Golf innovation has actually made some extraordinary advances over the last 20 years and jdg-placo.com is no various. Innovation has actually allowed us to raise this type of the video game to an entire brand-new level. Fairways, tees, courses and greens are illuminated with colored LED lights. Our own flags, which have up to 100 LED lights finish exactly what is an aesthetically sensational experience. Have a look at a few of the images on our image gallery.

jdg-placo.com are the leading service provider of night golf occasions and the just one that provides a professional service, offering complete set-up and marshaling at all occasions by certified and acknowledged experts.


Destination, engagement and retention of members is a significant obstacle for a great deal of golf clubs who have actually typically depended on a hectic clubhouse and waiting lists for subscription. Gathering such as supper dances, test nights, DJ's and such like will constantly get assistance from a few of the subscription but, the fact is, they do hardly any to bring in the young or those brand-new to the club. jdg-placo.com is an excellent way of engaging your members socially, producing profits and getting children thinking about the video game.











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